Some Secrets are Too Good to Keep

Located at 160 10th in Astoria, Oregon, The Secret Gallery features exhibitions of art by notable artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, with an emphasis on shows that tell larger stories through the presentation and juxtaposition of compelling and unusual art and art forms.


We Need a Printer, and You Need This Print!

The Secret Gallery has been open for four months now. In that time, we’ve gained respect and notoriety through our focus on high quality and unusual art and events that have a story to tell. We want to expand our business to offer limited edition prints of works by artists we represent, including Jill McVarish , Kathleen Powers , Joshua …

50 Year Sensation: The Dave McMacken Retrospective

Dave McMacken has spent over 50 years working as a graphic designer and illustrator. He got his start designing album art for Frank Zappa in the 1970s and was responsible for creating the epic covers for Zappa’s albums “200 Motels,” and for “Over-Nite Sensation,” which depicts the lonely sexual fantasies of a two-headed roadie in …