Some Secrets are Too Good to Keep

Located in Astoria, Oregon, The Secret Gallery features exhibitions of art by notable artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, with an emphasis on shows that tell larger stories through the presentation and juxtaposition of compelling and unusual art and art forms.

What’s the Secret?

The secret behind The Secret Gallery is that we treat the gallery itself and the business we’re building as a work of art. Founded by painter Jill McVarish and writer Chris Minnick, we started The Secret Gallery with a vision of combining contemporary fine art with storytelling. As with our painting and writing, the process of building an art gallery is all about discovery and layering and refinement of our knowledge, experience, and dreams in order to inspire the imagination.

Visit any time during our open hours or contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re excited to show you what we’ve built and to talk about the artists we represent and what they and we are working on.

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The Talking Monkey

An opening reception for The Secret Gallery’s December show, “The Talking Monkey,” will be held on December 14 from 5:00pm until 9:00pm at 160 10th Street in Astoria, Oregon. In addition to new works by distinguished artists, the opening will also feature actual talking primates who will interact with visitors. According to Secret Gallery co-founder Chris …