Represented Artists

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Jill McVarish grew up Northern California and began painting seriously at the age of four. At 15 she dropped out of high school to dedicate more time to her work. She received a BFA in 1994 from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her style blends her acknowledgement of contemporary and more absurdist art with a reverence for traditional painting and visual composition.

Colin Chillag renders the minute details of his subjects’ faces, leaving portions of his preparatory sketches uncovered and placing errant brushstrokes in areas, in order to reveal the artist’s hand. Chillag’s work is characterized by the various layers of his artworks—the drawing beneath, unmodified colors, even the mixing and testing of pigments are visible in the final image.

Kathleen Powers creates beautiful, fantastical illustrations of nature and animals as characters, each, going about their business in their own story. Her breathtaking work lovingly captures detail with refinement and classical style, while combining a strong empathy for her subjects and a wicked sense of humor.

Sam Vaughan is a master of printmaking, especially lithography. Some of his favorite themes include dark history, absurdity, nudity, people staring at potatoes, and Civil War general George Custer.

Ben Killen Rosenberg is a printmaker, illustrator, sculptor, and painter whose work frequently combines humor and social observation.

Lisa Kaser loves exploring and cultivating a practice with a variety of materials and mediums, including: feltmaking, needle arts, painting, drawing, collage, and mixed-media sculpture. Lisa feels very close and inspired by the rain, the rivers, the ocean, mountains, high deserts and the wind in the gorge.

Morrison Pierce has been painting and traveling for over twenty years and it shows in his fluidity of ideas and execution. Originally a film major, the cinematic element is still very present in his work and presentation.

Marjorie Scholl is a painter located in Homer, Alaska. Her work aims to reveal the character of subjects and create an emotional experience for the viewer through layers of free and unrestricted brush strokes.