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Adam Savage says “Tom Giesler has the illustrator’s version of perfect pitch…This book is a virtuoso performance.” David Rees says “Brilliant, hilarious, and weirdly inspiring…” Foreword by Al Jaffee (MAD Magazine). This is the illustrated story of a proud inventor who decides to just give his ideas away for free. Filled with detailed, skewed and compelling illustrations, this irreverent comic satire is a twisted exploration of inventions, the patent system, and one inventor’s ill-conceived quest to save the planet. The world needs your help. The environment is in crisis and technology is mankind’s only hope. But which inventions can save the planet? Where will they come from? And who will take them from conception to reality? The answers to these important questions can be found in this one-of-a-kind volume from the world’s greatest inventor. Thomas von Giesler has decided to bypass altogether the frustrating impediment known as the Patent Office. His magnum opus, Unventional, features 40 meticulously drawn and carefully explained inventions that are included here for free. Yes! Free! (Well, apart from the paltry cost of the book.) As the world’s population rises, our oceans empty of life, and our lands thirst for water or are battered by extreme weather events, we look to intellectual property to solve the pressing environmental challenges we face. Unventional includes such technological marvels such as the Shower Viper, the Catnap Inertia Trap, and the Commuter Sail. Who wouldn’t want to arrive at the office by drafting behind a tractor trailer? The large-scale use of inventions like these holds the key to our species’ survival. This is a time for action—but the author cannot do this alone. A born humanitarian, von Giesler is giving you his priceless ideas. All you need to do is implement them. As the grandson and son of proud inventors, Mr. von Giesler was destined from an early age to save the planet from an awful fate. His illustrious mother invented the Mustache Manager, credited for saving both facial hair and marriages for decades, and the Baby Wrap, precursor to today’s swaddling craze. It is no wonder, then, that this book comes when it does—when the world needs it most. However, a plague of patent trolls and the rush for gold in Silicon Valley has clogged the Patent Office, forcing intellectual property geniuses—whose standard-bearer is surely Thomas von Giesler—to wait too long for recognition due to the overwhelming volume of spurious patent applications. Worse—many potentially planet-saving patent applications, including nearly all of von Giesler’s, are being rejected due to frivolous concerns over cost, practicality, safety, morality, or common sense. This is why these incredible inventions are being provided to you at no cost (except, ahem, for the cost of the book). The planet needs this book and your willing participation. Pick your favorite invention and start saving the world, today!