“Arabesque” by Kathleen Powers (Card)


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Arabesque ~ a fable by Kathleen Powers ~ Before the big opening night, her dance troupe was given a rare Thursday night off to rest. Instead, she stayed late into the wee hours of the morning to work alone. She’s very disciplined that way. You see; she’s always struggled to execute a proper Cecchetti 3rd arabesque. She’s painfully aware of this, but the fact was solidified when her ballet master loudly pointed it out not once, but twice during morning recital. She was mortified, and for the rest of the day, racked with frustration and self-doubt. But she’s a tenacious little mouse. Her goal was to be promoted to Principal dancer for her company one day, but before that could happen, she knew she had a lot of work to do. She set right to it, practicing her arabesque technique over and over – her improvements slowly evolved; head lifted looking out beyond the horizon, eyes forward following her finger tips, stretched left arm slightly lower than the right, long neck, proud lifted chest, shoulders down, straight back, serpentine tail, straight left working leg and winged foot. I think she’s nailed it. ~~~~~