“Persimmon Harvest” by Kathleen Powers (Card)


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The Persimmon Harvest ~ a fable by Kathleen Powers ~ Her love affair with fruit began when she was young. Her Grandpa, a renowned Pomologist in his field, taught her everything she knows; how to safely climb the tallest trees, how to recognize peak ripeness, proper pruning methods, etc. Some would say she’s a natural and takes to cultivating fruit like a moth to a light. Still others say she’s a true prodigy, just like her Grandpa before. She always keeps his rustic pruning shears tucked in her apron. He gifted her the family heirloom just before his passing – a gesture, and treasured bequest she’ll always hold dear. She looks forward to late autumn when she uses them to make cuttings from the previous year’s shoots. Each Saturday she ventures out from her family’s orchard to visit friends at the local Farmer’s market. They meet up at their favorite food truck and she often treats everyone to lunch. Her order is always the same; two slug tacos (with extra grasshoppers on the side). After lunch, she walks around the colorful and neatly arranged piles of fruit on display. Persimmons have always been her favorite and once she spots them, heads straight over. There, she indulges in her customary ritual of picking one up – paying close attention to the weight and softness of it in her paw. She anticipates the fruit’s honey-like flavor, delights in its adorable squatty shape and rounded shoulders, its splendid green calyx cap, and vivid sunset-orange color. It’s pure joy. Grandpa taught her many lessons and she’s taken this one to heart – having a passion for your work and appreciating the little things in life are what matters most. ~~~~~